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Practical Wisdom for Natural Helpers

Never let your fear of disappointing someone you care about
get in the way of your happiness, health, or well-being again.

Together we'll explore how to make the most of your natural empathy and supportiveness in your relationships, without stretching yourself too thin or overlooking your own needs.

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5 Stealable Scripts for having hard conversations

Say what you need to say. Ask for what you want.
Clearly and tactfully. Without the knots in your stomach.

These 5 stealable, customizable scripts will give you the tools and the confidence to speak your mind honestly, clearly, and tactfully, no matter the scenario – even when you’re terrified.

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I want to help you

use your gifts, without running yourself ragged


As a lifelong sensitive person, I know how easy it is to step into the role of Helper. (Sometimes without even realizing it!) When someone close to us is having a hard time, we step in to absorb their stress and problem-solve their pain. But no matter how strong the impulse is or how much we care, the truth is this: it's not our responsibility to be everyone else's emotional shamwow. All we're doing is wearing ourselves out.

Ironically, learning this has made me a more relaxed, joyful, and generous person. And now I want to share everything I’ve learned about how to show up in every area of your life without holding back a single ounce of that natural generosity - or sacrificing your sanity. And it doesn't have to feel stingy or selfish. All you need are the right tools, and some well-thought-out boundaries in place. Keep reading


now let's talk about you:

where could you use a hand?