Signs That Your Levee is About to Give

This post is part two of a three-part deep dive into passive aggression. This week is all about understanding passive aggression on a deeper level, through a lens of building better relationships and reducing inner turmoil. We’ll be taking a closer look at two things in particular: how we can get better at recognizing what passive aggression looks like in ourselves, and why it's such a commonly used tool in the compassionate person’s communication toolbox.

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The Common Tactic I'm Committed to Unlearning, and Why

I’ve been thinking a lot about passive aggression lately: how it shows up, why it shows up, and how those answers are more complicated than just, “It’s an annoying thing that annoying people do.”  I think it’s pervasive, and easy to justify to ourselves — and yet, one of the fastest ways to put strain on a relationships. And to me, that makes it worth thinking critically about, understanding better, and most importantly, unlearning. This is part one of three, where we’ll be doing just that!

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Finally Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

While I've always had this sense of knowing that all the ideas we’ve explored in this space are connected and intertwined somehow, it hasn't always been easy to see and understand those connections. And that fuzziness about how it all fit together made it really hard to articulate what I do, and what it all stands for. But after working with a dear (genius!) friend for a couple of months now to sift through all these ideas and make sense of them, we've found the thread — the through-line that ties these ideas all together, and gives them a singular, clear purpose.

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5 Great Pieces of Dating Wisdom to Steal for Your Self-Relationship

The relationship you create with yourself is the bedrock on which you’ll build every single relationship you’ll ever be in. It’s also the raft on which you’ll travel through life (mixing metaphors? why not) and the only security blanket you’re guaranteed to always have within reach when life gets messy and hard. 

So, why not make it a good one? An incredible one, even?

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4 Personal Triumphs I’ve Found Through Journaling

There’s something about self care, and about journaling in particular, that seems like a nice-to-have-but-non-essential – which explains why so many of us love the idea of journaling more, but rarely feel like we have the time to actually do it. But the truth is, it’s easy to overestimate the need to make time for the chores, and underestimate the benefits of journaling and other forms of self care. Here are 4 real, tangible ways that making time for journaling has impacted my life in big, meaningful ways.

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4 Meditations for Managing Holiday Family Stress

The holidays can be wonderful, AND they can be really, really hard — especially if there are uncomfortable roles we feel we have to play. Extended time with extended family can bring out parts of ourselves we don’t love, or put us in situations where the way we ‘should’ act feels like we’re playing a role we didn’t sign up for.

I’ve been there! And it’s hard to manage that stress. But these simple reminders can help keep you grounded and centered, even when you’re navigating tricky waters with family.

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