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4 Personal Triumphs I’ve Found Through Journaling

There’s something about self care, and about journaling in particular, that seems like a nice-to-have-but-non-essential – which explains why so many of us love the idea of journaling more, but rarely feel like we have the time to actually do it. But the truth is, it’s easy to overestimate the need to make time for the chores, and underestimate the benefits of journaling and other forms of self care. Here are 4 real, tangible ways that making time for journaling has impacted my life in big, meaningful ways.

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A Dose of Magic to Help You Get What You Want

We all know that feeling: you’ve been cruising along fine until suddenly, you realize you’ve fallen out of love with some part of your reality. We all know what it’s like to need a change, even when we have no idea how to make it happen. And it’s true that there are no magic words you can say out loud that flip some cosmic switch, or make the ‘perfect thing’ fall right into your lap. But there is real magic that happens when you start saying the thing you want out loud.

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10 Small Ways to Feel Less Afraid

We’ve all felt that feeling of knowing we need a change – the twinge in our gut, the almost-physical pull, the whisper from our intuition that won’t leave us alone. And yet almost every time, we try to run away from it at first. It’s human instinct to resist the things we don’t feel comfortable with - and if you’re like me, unknowns fit squarely in the ‘uncomfortable’ column.

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Bloom Inch by Inch: Be an Antenna

When feelings of uncertaintly and discontent pop up, it’s super natural to cling to the questions of, “What’s going on here?” and “How do I fix it?” – but sometimes the hunt for those answers can suck the drive and motivation right out of us. We've talked about being an antenna vs. being a ‘hunter’, and learning to trust that we’ll be receptive and ready to receive the information we need as it comes. But what does that actually look like?

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Start With Your "No" to Find Your "Yes"

Sometimes, knowing what we want isn’t as simple as it sounds. We make choices all the time that shape the way we live. What to do for a living, who to foster close relationships with, where to live, what our relationships look and feel like, how to start our day, how to end our day, the kind of relationships we have with ourselves. And in theory, we make those choices based on some understanding of what we want, or what feels good, or what works for us.

But what if ‘what you want’ feels totally unclear?

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