Finally Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

Looking back, starting a blog in 2015 and deciding what I was going to write about was a lot like declaring a major as a high school senior. *

There was a certain weight to that decision, even if I was making it pretty blindly.

I knew that it would have significant ripple effects: it would determine what I'd study for the next four years, what I'd become an 'expert' in, what my career would look like and what I'd do for a living... at least, that's what I thought at the time.

I believed that the decision I made at the ripe old age of 18 about what to study would determine the course of the rest of my life. One major, one career, one path. Forever and ever, amen.

But as I learned later, my focus, my interests, and my journey would change and evolve — not once, not twice, but constantly.

58 - Seeing the Forest Through the Trees.png

The same can be said for this space — my original vision has shifted, and in many ways, solidified.

Whether you've been here for a while (I see you! I thank you! I love you!) or you're relatively new here (I see you! I thank you! I love you!) you've probably seen me bounce around between lots of different topics. We've explored everything from journaling, to finding your boundaries, to creativity, to being a sensitive person, to uncovering your values... it's a long list.

While I've always had this sense of knowing that all those ideas are connected and intertwined somehow, it hasn't always been easy to see and understand those connections. And that fuzziness about how it all fit together made it really hard to articulate what I do, and what it all stands for.

It's been hard to see the forest through the trees. So I asked for help.

I've been working with a dear (genius!) friend for a couple of months now to sift through all these ideas and make sense of them, and thanks to her brilliance, we've found the thread — the through-line that ties these ideas all together, and gives them a singular, clear purpose:


...with each other, and with ourselves. 
...with people we know well, and people we don't know at all. small moments, and high-stakes ones. 
...the kind that feels kind, clear, honest, and productive. a way to connect, question, respond, relate to, and understand each other (and our selves). a tool for creating the kinds of opportunities we want more of.

So, what does that mean?

Above all else, it means I want to help you develop the tools to communicate with honesty, clarity, warmth, and bravery – both with the people in your lives, and with your self.

It also means new things will be coming! New tools and opportunities to connect and have more messy, layered, interesting (two-way!) conversations, more often. Some ideas for how to facilitate this are taking shape, and I'm excited to get your input as I figure out how to bring them to life.

And, it means the ways I'll be sharing and exploring ideas might start to look different. I still expect to pop into your inbox regularly, share content on the blog periodically, and have lots of informal conversations over on Instagram. I also expect to show my face more and have more conversations, whether that's on Instagram Stories or elsewhere. (I mostly added that last part for my own accountability!)

But now that the core of what we'll be talking about here is getting a bit more narrow, I also feel a pull to go deeper.

To be honest, that doesn’t feel in-line with cranking out a blog post every week (or even every other week) just for its own sake. I'm imagining more of an ebb and flow: bursts of rich, deep, textured conversations where we go really deep on one small idea... and then coming up for air, before we find a new idea to explore. 



This may or may not sound like a significant shift — it definitely does to me, in the best way possible. But if it’s sounding intriguing or exciting to you, I hope you’ll stick around! AND...

If this is resonating, I’d really love to connect and hear more from you about where you’d like to go from here.

There may be a survey coming to help me do this in a more structured way — full disclosure, I haven't gotten that far. :)

But in the meantime, I'd love to hear:

  • What ideas or questions did this spark for you?

  • What you would love to dig into deeper?

  • Are there specific things ways I can help or support you in this area?

Shoot me a note, and let’s talk about it! I’ll be collecting any responses I get and using them to inform content plans moving forward, so TRULY, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for being here.

* An alternate title for this post: why it's insane to ask 18-year-olds to choose a path for the rest of their lives.