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A Dose of Magic to Help You Get What You Want

We all know that feeling: you’ve been cruising along fine until suddenly, you realize you’ve fallen out of love with some part of your reality. We all know what it’s like to need a change, even when we have no idea how to make it happen. And it’s true that there are no magic words you can say out loud that flip some cosmic switch, or make the ‘perfect thing’ fall right into your lap. But there is real magic that happens when you start saying the thing you want out loud.

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How a Set of Jumper Cables Taught Me to Rescue Myself

At our core, we are creatures of comfort.  

That fact plays a huge role in why we resist change, and why we struggle to leave or change our circumstances when they are mediocre at best (and at worst, destructive for our health and wellbeing).Sure, there may be better options out there, but they’re unknowns! Giant question marks! At least where-you-are-now is a known quantity.

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10 Small Ways to Feel Less Afraid

We’ve all felt that feeling of knowing we need a change – the twinge in our gut, the almost-physical pull, the whisper from our intuition that won’t leave us alone. And yet almost every time, we try to run away from it at first. It’s human instinct to resist the things we don’t feel comfortable with - and if you’re like me, unknowns fit squarely in the ‘uncomfortable’ column.

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Words as Trail Markers: Some Favorites for the New Year

From looking around at all the people I love and admire online, it seems like everyone has their own way of moving from one year into the next. Some are eager to sit down with their resource of choice - their Desire Map or their PowerSheets or some other introspective guide - to carefully go over what happened last year, and how to shape the coming year. They reflect, and they brainstorm, and they plan. (This is me. And it takes an embarrassing amount of restraint not to want to use #allthetools.)

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It's Ok to Need a Change in Direction

There’s something so satisfying about arriving at an answer, solution, or a decision that sticks. Maybe it’s a promising relationship you stumbled into after a sea of bad first dates; or the new name for your blog or business that came to you out of nowhere after months of racking your brain for ideas; or the new workout studio that seems to be holding your interest longer than all those other gym memberships before it. The one that makes you think, “THIS. Yes. This’ll be the one that changes things for the better.”

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Growth Happens Inch by Inch

I’ve realized that here, in this space we’ve created at Bloomology, we tend to 'go big.'

As we each walk the never-ending tightrope of balancing our naturally-big hearts with those big forces we recognize within ourselves (think forces like wisdom, quiet strength, and intuition) – we use this space at Bloomology to unpack and explore big questions. We willingly deep-dive into big, weighty questions that might stir up some uncomfortable feelings or tough questions within ourselves.

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