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Is It a Chance to Grow, or a Hard ‘No’?

I say this all the time, and anyone who knows me well will recognize it: for me, there’s no worse feeling in the world than ‘stuck in a place I don’t want to be, with no way out.’ It’s why I hesitate to say ‘yes’ to new, unfamiliar things I haven’t vetted first; it’s why I like to map out plans ahead of time, and mitigate the risk of getting caught off guard; and it’s why I absolutely hate feeling pressured to do something, when I can feel myself resisting it. But like most people, I’ve also learned that venturing out into new, unfamiliar situations can be a great way to stretch and grow as a person.

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When Your Mind Gets Dizzy, Remember: Your Body is Wise

When we talk about being self-aware or in-tune with ourselves, I think we tend to think of it mostly as a mental and emotional thing. Personally, I’ve always felt like a pretty self-aware person – and most of that work feels like it happens in my mind. Sorting out our feelings, dissecting them, making decisions, finding our boundaries, trying to decide what feels ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in a relationship or at a job … it’s all very cerebral.

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How a Set of Jumper Cables Taught Me to Rescue Myself

At our core, we are creatures of comfort.  

That fact plays a huge role in why we resist change, and why we struggle to leave or change our circumstances when they are mediocre at best (and at worst, destructive for our health and wellbeing).Sure, there may be better options out there, but they’re unknowns! Giant question marks! At least where-you-are-now is a known quantity.

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Are You Too Good at Reading the Room?

I’ve noticed heart-centered people like you and me are exceptionally good at doing two things: reading the room, and correcting the balance.Here’s what I mean. We’re wired to tune into what’s happening around us and sense what other might need to feel comfortable. And because of it, we end up using our intuitive gifts to fill in those voids and restore a sense of balance to most situations we’re in.

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How to Find the Answers to Big Questions

You know those questions that pop up in your mind, and then refuse to leave? The ones that get your wheels turning about possibilities, and won’t leave you alone? Am I happy at this job? Should I go back to school? Am I getting what I need in this relationship? Am I ready to take ____ leap?

At first, the question seems innocent enough. “Everyone has thoughts like this. They don’t necessarily mean anything.” But then instead of just fluttering away like so many other thoughts we have throughout the day, this one starts to feel sticky. It orbits you mind, and softly pesters you for an answer.

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Does Your Relationship Feel Out of Balance? Try This.

Many of the people I surround myself with these days are highly emotionally intelligent, empathetic people. (Coincidence? I think not.) And from talking with lots of them – and being one myself – I’ve noticed a common thread: we place incredibly high importance on being good to the people we’re close to, and really adding value to those relationships. We love to feel supportive, cooperative, and helpful. We take pride in our ability to show up and be a helper, a giver, or a solver – and slowly, feeling helpful can start bleeding into our sense of feeling valued

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