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4 Ways to Recover When You Feel Emotionally Exhausted

To truly make the most of our strengths – like our natural compassion and our ability to help – we have to learn how to avoid emotional exhaustion, by drawing the line between being a team player and giving too much of ourselves. These 4 simple reminders can help get you back on track when a job or relationship leaves you feeling particularly emotionally drained.

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12 Signs You May Be a Highly Sensitive Person

We talk a lot around here about being a Highly Sensitive Person - but we’ve never really paused to look at what that means. And for many of us, untangling this term and recognizing that there are others like us can unlock whole new levels of self-understanding, self-compassion, and even self-forgiveness. So let's break it down.

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Three Cheers for Being Highly Sensitive!

A lot of the time when we talk about what it’s like to be a sensitive person, we wind up focusing on the challenges. In a lot of ways, that makes sense. Because the list of things that can feel especially heavy, or stressful, or overwhelming for us is a long one. I’m definitely guilty of focusing on that list too, partly because it feels like an important way to acknowledge and honor the complexities of our experiences. It’s why I spend time and energy writing about things like what to do when our relationships feel out of balance, how to diffuse overwhelming fear, and how to know when it's safe to push our boundaries

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Does Your Relationship Feel Out of Balance? Try This.

Many of the people I surround myself with these days are highly emotionally intelligent, empathetic people. (Coincidence? I think not.) And from talking with lots of them – and being one myself – I’ve noticed a common thread: we place incredibly high importance on being good to the people we’re close to, and really adding value to those relationships. We love to feel supportive, cooperative, and helpful. We take pride in our ability to show up and be a helper, a giver, or a solver – and slowly, feeling helpful can start bleeding into our sense of feeling valued

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Showing Compassion Doesn't Require Rescuing Anyone

I can’t be the only one who, in a tense conversation, has desperately wished the other person’s thoughts would just appear above their head in a little cartoony bubble.

For being such an important part of building thriving, healthy relationships, communication sure is a muddy skill to master. First, there’s the challenge of articulating our piece – finding the right words, sharing them in the right tone, and putting both through the right filters to make sure we’re approaching the situation with focus and sensitivity. Then on top of that, we also have to master the art of being on the receiving end of the dialogue – how to really listen, how to relate to and make sense of new information, and how to frame our responses.

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It Can Make Sense, and Still Not Be Right for You

One of the greatest strengths of being a deep feeler is the ability to keenly understand other people’s experiences and points of view.

As natural feelers, we can imagine what it’s like to experience what someone else is going through, which enriches our ability to connect with them in a meaningful way.  We can see ourselves in a stranger’s story, and take on the weight of their feelings in a way that’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t naturally do the same. We can start to dismantle the wall that separates us from them.

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Showing Up and Staying Soft

It's hard not to feel like gentle strength took a major hit in the last week. It’s been a pretty brutal week for many of us, to say the very least. This time last week, the Americans who showed up at the polls elected our next president: a man who constructed his campaign around the image of a tough guy. An in-your-face bully, a hyper-masculine aggressor, the loudest guy in the room. And now that he’s been elected, the numbers in the news suggest almost half of America is feeling relieved, celebratory, and hopeful in this moment. But in my universe, things feel more solemn.

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