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Are You Too Good at Reading the Room?

I’ve noticed heart-centered people like you and me are exceptionally good at doing two things: reading the room, and correcting the balance.Here’s what I mean. We’re wired to tune into what’s happening around us and sense what other might need to feel comfortable. And because of it, we end up using our intuitive gifts to fill in those voids and restore a sense of balance to most situations we’re in.

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It Can Make Sense, and Still Not Be Right for You

One of the greatest strengths of being a deep feeler is the ability to keenly understand other people’s experiences and points of view.

As natural feelers, we can imagine what it’s like to experience what someone else is going through, which enriches our ability to connect with them in a meaningful way.  We can see ourselves in a stranger’s story, and take on the weight of their feelings in a way that’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t naturally do the same. We can start to dismantle the wall that separates us from them.

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