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What Do You Need?

Even as someone who has a pretty good handle on her FOMO, there are definitely those predictable triggers that stir it up in me now and then. And every year around this time, as my Instagram feed starts filling up with snapshots of everyone’s brilliant and creative 100 Day Projects, and I start feeling FOMO-itchy. All I want is to jump in and join the creative fun with a perfect, witty, brilliant idea of my own! ...but you know how this goes. The harder you search for brilliance, or the perfect answer, or a genius idea, the more empty-handed you feel.

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Pick One Thing and Do It With Heart

Meaningful change is overwhelming, and focusing on all the things between you and the finish line can take the wind right out of your sails. But narrowing your focus to one small, manageable step can be enough to help you get that first bit of traction - and finding fulfillment in seeing that one thing through with soul and with purpose helps build momentum. That momentum is key for making meaningful progress towards things that matter.

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Emotionally Drained? Losing Steam? Give It Space

When I think about the way I want my day-to-day life to feel, words that come to mind are “light” and “in balance”. Things in my life feel lighter and brighter when I’m in a routine that’s working - I draw energy from the harmony of things running smoothly. Those feelings of energy and harmony are big time contributors to my sense of momentum, and that momentum just builds on itself and bolsters my courage as the cycle rolls on.

...but.That same feeling of momentum can feel so delicate sometimes, like just breathing on it wrong or looking at it funny can throw the whole thing off.

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