Making Intentional Shifts as Seasons Change

Making Intentional Shifts as Seasons Change |

It’s that time again. And if you’ve somehow missed all the back to school ads, the barrage of pleas for cooler weather on your Facebook feed, or the fact that a pumpkin spice latte now officially has a Twitter account (I kid you not), let me clue you in: September is here, and fall is coming. In this post, I will not be professing my love for all things pumpkin, no matter how real that love might be. This is not a post about cozy scarves, or colorful changing leaves, or my desperation to bring boots back into my wardrobe rotation.

This is a post about transition.

A Cue to Reboot With Purpose

I grew up in LA, and there are lots of things about life where I lived in Southern California that really are as dreamy as you’d think they are.

Yes, outrageously fresh produce (ahem, avocado) is easy to come by.

Yes, the cultural diversity is awesome.

Yes, the beach manages to rarely be more than half an hour away.

But by a long shot, the number one thing people loooove about living in Southern California is - you guessed it! - the weather.

When you live in LA, the seasons all sort of bleed together without really differentiating themselves from each other in noticeable ways. Somewhere between “warmish” and “ughh, so hot” is normal year-round, with crests and dips here and there. Until I left the west coast, my definition a “cold winter” was when the average daytime high dipped below 60 degrees. My tolerance for cold is laughable so this all worked really well for me, right up until college graduation when a life on the east coast came calling for me - and faster than you could say, “what do you mean you can’t buy bourbon at the grocery store?” I was packing my things and buying a one way ticket to Washington, DC to start life as a grown up.

Five years later, maybe the thing that’s surprised me the most is how deeply I’ve come to love the seasons. There may come a grim, grey day in January when I regret saying it, but there’s something profoundly vibrant and restorative about the transition from one season to the next. Nothing beats spotting the first leaves to change from green to gold, the first snowfall, or the first warm day after months of snow.

Living somewhere with noticeable contrast between the seasons has taught me the value of a quarterly pause and refresh in my own life. I love being able to take a cue from the earth, and the changing seasons remind me to pause and notice the shift. Rather than letting one chapter of my life mindlessly bleed into the next, I get to take physical cues from my environment to acknowledge where I’ve been, to welcome change, and to move into the next chapter where I get to start fresh.

Transition Between Seasons

I’ll be honest, I’m sort of in that awkward place with my brand between seasons that you have to stumble through before a period of growth can start. It’s not entirely comfortable or business-as-usual around here, but things are brewing. It doesn’t feel familiar, but the unknown feels invigorating.

I’m working on a few things behind the scenes that I hope to share with you soon, and together they mark the start of a more focused trajectory for that I can’t wait to unveil. I’ve been mapping out this next chapter and doing the work, but at some point the excitement and ambition piggybacked on each other until I slid into a place of overwhelm. Overconsumption. Unfocused goals. Wanting to do it all. Working toward none of it. It ends now.

Fall will be my season of crawling out of the pit of overwhelm and reaching for clarity, and I hope you’ll join me in assigning some focus and direction to your season, too - whatever that means for you. Rather than letting one season bleed into the next where we jog through our lives on a metaphorical treadmill, pause and experience the dip between each one. Build in moments for pause, welcome the necessary awkward stumbling between chapters, and give some definition to the months to come.

Of all the goals and mantras that have floated through my head recently, three have naturally risen to the top, and I want to share them with you in case they can offer some inspiration or help you transition between seasons with a sense of purpose.

My 3 Guiding Principles This Fall


The last few months of overconsumption, overstimulation, too many goals, and no system to tame them has left me feeling scattered. Every new idea became a new list, in a new notebook, or a new organization system - and all of it added bulk, but no meaning. Time to streamline and simplify. Step one has been to shed the bulky expensive planner and my stacks of little notebooks, and adopt the Bullet Journal method of keeping my life together. Honestly, it’s the first planner/organizing system that keeps it all in one place, naturally mimicking the way my brain processes and stores information. I LOVE IT. The theme here is to stop trying to do too many things at once and keep track of it all by just adding stuff. Narrow your focus, consolidate where you can, and shed the rest.

>> What it means for To be totally transparent, I’m looking at some ways to restructure my site and my content to maximize its value for you. I’m also taking a closer look at simplifying some of my systems and processes over here, so that I have as much time and energy as possible to devote to creating content that adds real value to your life.     


Shedding excess is inherently freeing, and frankly, I’m ready to get rid of some stuff. In a very literal sense, my boyfriend and I are buying our first home later this month (!!!), and I’m already eager to purge lots of unnecessary things as we start packing and moving into a fresh, new space. But in a larger sense, I’m putting a stop to my over consumption. It’s tough when there are so many incredibly smart and talented people online creating brilliant content, but mentally, I can’t make space for it all. Step one will be to make very deliberate choices about what I have the capacity to consume thoughtfully, and shed the rest by way of the “unsubscribe” button.  A few of the things I know I’m making space for are Erica Midkiff's Content Freedom Challenge, any and all Regina emails (because, #ShesANinja), and the weekly Being Boss podcast on my commute. That’s it - I’m starting there. And while I’m no minimalist, I already feel freer at the thought of clearing the clutter.

>> What it means for  I realize that I’m not equipped to do quality, meaningful deep-dives into all of the areas that I once dreamed of writing about regularly. So, you’ll start to notice a subtle shift away from breadth and instead toward depth. Some categories will be consolidated, and others are going away - and I’m really excited to restructure my content so that all of it can serve you more completely. (Are there things you really, really want to see or continue seeing here? Shoot me an email and let me know!)


This one's pretty simple: more doing with more focus -- creating change, creating momentum, and creating powerful content. I have a tendency to get lost in the planning, but too much planning detracts from the joy of doing stuff. This will be a season for creating, and enjoying the process.

>> What it means for I've got ideas up my sleeve when it comes to the big, beautiful things I want to create. But getting it done means less reading about what others are creating, less distractions, less procrastinating or planning in circles around myself, and making more space to create freely. I can’t wait to wrap it up and release it! (If you haven’t already, sign up to receive emails from me so you don’t miss out.)

It’s deceptively easy to let our days bleed into weeks, weeks bleed into months, and months bleed into years, so that time passes without much definition. But mirroring nature’s exit from the last chapter and purposeful shift into the next can be an amazing reminder to pause with regularity and get refreshed, reoriented, or re-energized about the path you’re on.

Do you live in a part of the county where you experience distinct seasons? Does that play any role in how your life shifts from one season to the next? I’d love to hear your perspective, so let’s talk, either below or on Twitter.