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What Do You Need?

Even as someone who has a pretty good handle on her FOMO, there are definitely those predictable triggers that stir it up in me now and then. And every year around this time, as my Instagram feed starts filling up with snapshots of everyone’s brilliant and creative 100 Day Projects, and I start feeling FOMO-itchy. All I want is to jump in and join the creative fun with a perfect, witty, brilliant idea of my own! ...but you know how this goes. The harder you search for brilliance, or the perfect answer, or a genius idea, the more empty-handed you feel.

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Feeling Healthy, Without All the Self-Punishment

I get squirrely writing about health, mainly because it’s a topic that stirs up so many feelings. Part of me feels unqualified to touch a subject that so many people struggle with and have complicated feelings around, especially knowing that I’m no health guru or wellness expert – but then, that’s exactly why it’s been eating at me for at least a year, whispering, “no one was talking about this stuff in the way I needed, when I felt ready to focus on my health in a real, lasting way.

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Words as Trail Markers: Some Favorites for the New Year

From looking around at all the people I love and admire online, it seems like everyone has their own way of moving from one year into the next. Some are eager to sit down with their resource of choice - their Desire Map or their PowerSheets or some other introspective guide - to carefully go over what happened last year, and how to shape the coming year. They reflect, and they brainstorm, and they plan. (This is me. And it takes an embarrassing amount of restraint not to want to use #allthetools.)

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Questioning the Stories We Tell Ourselves

We all have these narratives that run in the background of our consciousness as we go through our days. They’re stories we tell ourselves (consciously or not) about why the people around us do the things they do, what they mean, and what’s about to happen next. And if you’re anything like me, it can be startling to notice how often they involve jumping to negative conclusions.

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Growth Happens Inch by Inch

I’ve realized that here, in this space we’ve created at Bloomology, we tend to 'go big.'

As we each walk the never-ending tightrope of balancing our naturally-big hearts with those big forces we recognize within ourselves (think forces like wisdom, quiet strength, and intuition) – we use this space at Bloomology to unpack and explore big questions. We willingly deep-dive into big, weighty questions that might stir up some uncomfortable feelings or tough questions within ourselves.

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