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5 Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner About Therapy

One of the most important lessons I learned from this chapter of my life is that sometimes when life’s stresses start to feel like too much, leaning on an unbiased third party with professional training is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Here are 5 things about therapy I wish I’d known much sooner, to help me move through some common barriers to access and get the help I needed.

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10 Small Ways to Feel Less Afraid

We’ve all felt that feeling of knowing we need a change – the twinge in our gut, the almost-physical pull, the whisper from our intuition that won’t leave us alone. And yet almost every time, we try to run away from it at first. It’s human instinct to resist the things we don’t feel comfortable with - and if you’re like me, unknowns fit squarely in the ‘uncomfortable’ column.

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On Trying to Measure “Normal Pain”

Think back to a time you visited a doctor, because you were experiencing some type of pain. For me, it was sitting quietly filling out new patient paperwork in a small physical therapy office last winter after I’d eaten some serious pavement trying to help move a mattress into a moving van. Turns out I could only use and refreeze so many ice packs before conceding that my swollen ankle wasn’t going to fix itself.

During these visits, there are always the predictable paperwork – basic info, emergency contact, insurance information – but then it’s time to talk about why you’re there. The pain. And inevitably, we’re asked to measure it on some kind of scale. 

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