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5 Great Pieces of Dating Wisdom to Steal for Your Self-Relationship

The relationship you create with yourself is the bedrock on which you’ll build every single relationship you’ll ever be in. It’s also the raft on which you’ll travel through life (mixing metaphors? why not) and the only security blanket you’re guaranteed to always have within reach when life gets messy and hard. 

So, why not make it a good one? An incredible one, even?

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4 Meditations for Managing Holiday Family Stress

The holidays can be wonderful, AND they can be really, really hard — especially if there are uncomfortable roles we feel we have to play. Extended time with extended family can bring out parts of ourselves we don’t love, or put us in situations where the way we ‘should’ act feels like we’re playing a role we didn’t sign up for.

I’ve been there! And it’s hard to manage that stress. But these simple reminders can help keep you grounded and centered, even when you’re navigating tricky waters with family.

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4 Ways to Recover When You Feel Emotionally Exhausted

To truly make the most of our strengths – like our natural compassion and our ability to help – we have to learn how to avoid emotional exhaustion, by drawing the line between being a team player and giving too much of ourselves. These 4 simple reminders can help get you back on track when a job or relationship leaves you feeling particularly emotionally drained.

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This Formula Will Change the Way You Think About Trust in a Relationship

Establishing trust in a relationship might seem like a simple and obvious box to tick. But as it turns out, not only is trust a complex and multifaceted part of any relationship, but it can also look wildly different from person to person. This formula will help you understand what you need to build a strong foundation of trust in your relationships.

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Are You Too Good at Reading the Room?

I’ve noticed heart-centered people like you and me are exceptionally good at doing two things: reading the room, and correcting the balance.Here’s what I mean. We’re wired to tune into what’s happening around us and sense what other might need to feel comfortable. And because of it, we end up using our intuitive gifts to fill in those voids and restore a sense of balance to most situations we’re in.

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The Most Fruitful Place to Invest Your Energy

I’m an absolute sucker for personality quizzes and assessments, both classic and new. Always have been.Myers-Briggs was my gateway drug into the world of personality types, thanks to my dad. I remember taking it for the first time, and feeling bowled over by the depth and accuracy of those results. While my exact MBTI type has changed since I first took it as a preteen (I’m an INFJ these days) I still find a real sense of home in that personality description – and I like to revisit and reread it when I need some extra reminding and reassurance.

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Does Your Relationship Feel Out of Balance? Try This.

Many of the people I surround myself with these days are highly emotionally intelligent, empathetic people. (Coincidence? I think not.) And from talking with lots of them – and being one myself – I’ve noticed a common thread: we place incredibly high importance on being good to the people we’re close to, and really adding value to those relationships. We love to feel supportive, cooperative, and helpful. We take pride in our ability to show up and be a helper, a giver, or a solver – and slowly, feeling helpful can start bleeding into our sense of feeling valued

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Compromising, Without Compromising Ourselves

We’ve heard it, we’ve learned it, we’ve lived it: compromise is one of those necessary building blocks at the core of every healthy relationship. Whether we’re talking about resolving a literal conflict, or something slightly gentler like joint decision-making, compromise is the thing that makes room for a true sense of balance and shared voice to take root in a partnership. Luckily, us natural softies are hardwired for empathy, compassion, and helping – all of which are key pieces of the compromise equation. But as we all know, navigating the waters of compromise while maintaining a sense of equilibrium and avoiding resentment isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

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