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Time to Rethink Quiet Politeness

Can you think of a time when you felt reluctant to agree with someone, uncomfortable with something happening right in front of you, or somehow taken advantage of – and yet you bit your tongue and went with the flow, to keep the peace? I’ll bet you can. I know I can. In fact, a recent one jumps to mind immediately, and it’s remarkably ordinary.

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How to Start Hard Conversations

Communication is constant, and it fuels our lives. We bond with people we love by sharing thoughts and stories and encouragement. We connect with strangers by talking about common interests or shared experiences. Communication happens all the time, and often it’s so organic that we don’t even realize consciously that it’s happening.

But then there are those other times that call for a big, or difficult, or uncomfortable conversations. And those are the situations where “communication” almost-universally freaks people the hell out.

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