the community

Ever feel like the world thinks you're "too sensitive"? You've found your people - and you're not alone. Settle in, let out a big exhale, and join this circle of fellow thoughtful, deeply-intuitive humans. 

As an extra thank you, I'll send you my Stand Your Ground self-guided quiz to help you pinpoint what gets in your way of speaking up for yourself, and how to move through that obstacle.

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we dig into meaty topics

A few times a month, I'll pop into your inbox with prompts and resources to help you explore how to navigate your relationships with both your inner-powerhouse and your gentle spirit. 

we commit to making progress

Just for this group! I'll check in between those meatier posts with more lightweight check-ins, gentle nudges, and bite-sized actions to keep you moving toward the way you want to feel.

we circle up & chat each month

Coming soon: exclusive monthly video check-ins where we'll connect with likeminded humans and explore ways to keep taking small, intentional steps forward together.