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Feelings-driven people like you and me are almost always creative, aspirational, and full of big ideas. But those big, beautiful things we want to create can also feel frustratingly out of reach. Our websites are no exception.

I've been there, too! You have a vision. A picture in your head of the work you want to do, the things you want to create, and the ideas you want to share. They light you up! But... your website just isn't living up to that vision.  And investing in a custom website feels frustratingly out of reach, as much as you might dream of one.

I believe strong, stunning websites shouldn't just be reserved for brands who can afford big redesigns. I want to help you build on your ideas, and give you a beautiful platform that does your vision justice & feels like you.



what you'll get:


Using Squarespace, we’ll take your site from, “UGH, why doesn’t this feel like me?” to one that feels clean, professional, and inviting.


This includes the fonts, colors and hex codes, photography guidelines, and any other design assets used throughout your website.


New to Squarespace? No problem! I’ll show you the basics, and point you to my favorite resources where you can go more in depth.


Together, we'll get clear on your vision, your expertise, and what gets you fired up about your work. From there I'll put together a driving vision for the aesthetic of your new website, and we'll divide and conquer to bring it to life. (I'll focus on design, and letting you provide the copy helps keep costs down. Win/win!) 

When we're finished, you'll have a refreshed website that evokes those same feelings that got you energized about your work in the first place, and frees you up to do what you do - without having to stress about the design.



we might be a good fit if:

  • You have an existing blog or website, but it doesn't 'match' your vision of what you want to share with the world (and how you want to share it).
  • Designing your website to get it where you want it sounds like a burden, and you're ready to let someone who understands your vision take the wheel!
  • You're ready for your website to feel professional, focused, beautiful, and cohesive.
  • Your needs are mainly design-focused; you don't need much/any copywriting help.
  • You're using Squarespace now, or open to migrating to Squarespace. 

services start at $500


kind words:

"Working with Michelle has been a dream. I love how in tune she became with my vision and how supportive she is. Ultra plus: my site no longer looks like a five year old got a hold of Photoshop and tried to make something pretty! Michelle has made it SO visually pleasing and the finished product has made me so much more confident in my brand. I'm in love!"

Amanda Folk of Sunshine Chasers
brand styling | website design | Wordpress to Squarespace migration

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