imagine for a moment:

What if instead of dreading hard conversations, or freezing in tense moments… you knew you had everything you needed to engage, without getting frazzled?


Here’s what I know for sure: communicating about uncomfortable things doesn’t have to be a negative, fraught experience. I help naturally warm, compassionate people tap into their capacity to handle emotionally charged situations, and communicate more bravely — specifically, by developing and leveraging five key tools:


grounding clarityoptimismcuriosityconnection with agency


Your best place to start


download the brave communication blueprint

These tools and scripts will help you handle hard conversations on the spot, clearly and calmly. Grab it, and take your best first step toward building the capacity for more brave, honest communication.



Oh, and have we met?


I’m Michelle Anthony LaCroix

I’m a Southern California native, turned happy East-Coaster. Personality wise: I’m an INFJ, Enneagram 1w2, only child, and probably an HSP. Favorite things include 70’s + 80’s jams (think: Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, Hall and Oates), 30 Rock reruns, little mountain towns, office supplies, and exploring the tarot. More about me over here.

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