I see you. You're a helper, naturally empathetic and warm, and you're so good at caring for the people close to you.


But sometimes, it's easy for you to give too much of yourself as you work so hard to take care of others and meet their needs.  And not only can it leave you feeling stretched thin, it also starts to diminish your space in the world.

Bloomology is about finding ways to recenter and get reconnected with yourself, so you have solid ground to stand on as you start to shape a life that feels the way you want it to. Because feeling like your strongest self lets you steer from a place of self-trust, instead of fear. It means setting boundaries that allow you be generous with the people in your life, without depleting your own emotional resources. It means everybody wins.


I'm here to help you move toward the feeling you want, focusing on...


Find a willingness to commit to ongoing growth, and get in the right headspace


Do the real digging, and start learning how to tap into your inner strength



Choose a path for now, knowing there's room to course-correct later


Check in with yourself, prune where necessary, and make any changes you need to

Ready to start digging in?

I'll be launching a new resource very soon, to help you explore where you're at right now and how even some small shifts you can make today will help get you moving toward the way you want things in your life to feel. I'll also pop into your inbox once a week or so with insights and guidance to help keep you feeling supported as you move forward. Enter your details below to get started.

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