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a 6 week intensive experience

If you know you have important, worthwhile things to say — but you still get frustrated when others see you as ‘too soft’; you tense up at the thought of raising a concern, hoping it won’t turn into a confrontation; or you wish it was easier to access the bravery and words you need in stressful moments...

There’s a 6-week group learning and growth experience in the works for the near future, and I’d love your help shaping and co-creating it!

You can expect:

  • Opportunities to receive individualized support for your specific needs, and benefit from hearing the support others are receiving

  • Help creating supportive systems and routines that allow you to show up for conversations feeling clear-headed and centered

  • A set of topics we’ll explore as a group, with room for messiness and layered conversations

  • A private forum for gently guided, thought-provoking discussions

By jumping on the waitlist, you’ll have a chance to share exactly what you’d love to get out of a program this, plus you’ll be the first to hear when it’s open!



Let’s Work Together!

I help naturally warm, compassionate people tap into their capacity to handle emotionally charged situations, and communicate more bravely. I help them do things like:

  • Fully understand and use their gift of sensitivity, on their own terms.

  • Get to know and trust themselves more deeply, finding clarity about who they are, what they want and need, while accepting that these things will evolve over time.

  • Speak up for themselves, build and deepen connections with the people in their lives, and show up for difficult conversations.

  • Navigate difficult conversations by managing expectations, acting in integrity, establishing boundaries, and creating space for connection.

  • Fill and protect their emotional and energetic tanks from energy leaks.

  • Spot opportunities that light them up, as well as prevent a tailspin of anxiety, panic, indecision, or resentment when something is asked of them they’re not ok with.

  • Feel clear, solid, grounded, and joyful in a way that helps them access personal pleasure, set boundaries, and show up from a place of natural radiance, generosity, ease, and fullness – without the anxiety, fear, or emotional exhaustion that might otherwise overrun their lives.


kind words from past program participants

“I really enjoyed the community and support I received. It all felt easy, engaging, and thought provoking. I very much enjoyed Michelle's facilitation as well, coming to the group prepared with questions and prompts, but flexible enough to go with what the group needed in that session.”

- Jessica H


“I loved the depth and breadth of the discussions this powerful group of women had, and what each person brought to the table. Each woman is kind, thoughtful, hilarious, vulnerable, honest, and engaging and that made it easy to feel welcome and comfortable.”

- marissa B